Public Deliverables

Public deliverables to be submitted as part of the ENTRACK LIFE22 project are listed below. Each deliverable will become available for download once its content has been approved by the European Commission. Additionally, the project’s deliverable reports and all associated publications will also be accessible in our Zenodo Community.

Del. (No.)Deliverable NameLead BeneficiaryDiss. LevelDownload
D1.1Project Management PlanAISFORPUComing soon
D1.3Ethics, Regulation and Privacy PlanAISFORPUComing soon
D1.7European Social-Energy super and inter-project collaborative planAISFORPUComing soon
D2.1Taxonomy of social-energy plans, strategies and policies from EU level down to municipal levelUNLPUComing soon
D2.2Stakeholder matrix and pathwaysPROSVASIPUComing soon
D2.3Report on the activities of the ENTRACK-MRPsAISFORPUComing soon
D2.4Report on the ENTRA- CoP activitiesECOSERVEISPUComing soon
D3.1Report on survey results and documentation of the full survey databaseIEECPPUComing soon
D3.2Report on perceptions, needs and priorities of citizens concerning the energy transitionsKILOWATTPUComing soon
D3.3Report on framing energy plans – barriers and strength inputs for a codesigning processAISFORPUComing soon
D4.1ENTRACK Training “Codesigning social energy policies”PROSVASIPUComing soon
D4.2Pilot Co-designing reportAISFORPUComing soon
D4.3Local energy modelling toolE3-MODELLING AEPUComing soon
D4.4Policy Guidance ENTRACK kit – Methodology and toolsAISFORPUComing soon
D4.5Climate Rural ContractAISFORPUComing soon
D5.1Inputs and reports of ENTRACK SCIEECPPUComing soon
D5.2Impact assessment of local holistic climate action plans and energy policiesE3-MODELLING AEPUComing soon
D5.3Experiences of rural energy action-based policymakingIEECPPUComing soon
D5.4Guidelines to support decision making for just energy transitionsPROSVASIPUComing soon
D5.5Recommendations for new approaches and methodologies for co-designing energy policiesIEECPPUComing soon
D6.1Communication, Dissemination Plan (CDP)PROSVASIPUComing soon
D6.2Communication, Dissemination and Outreach final reportPROSVASIPUComing soon
D6.3Final publishable reportPROSVASIPUComing soon
D7.1Sustainability, Exploitation and Scalability Plan (SESP)ECOSERVEISPUComing soon
D7.2ENTRACK Action PlanECOSERVEISPUComing soon
D7.3ENTRACK exploitation kitECOSERVEISPUComing soon
D7.4ENTRACK exploitation reportECOSERVEISPUComing soon
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