Mapping the Landscape of Energy Plans: ENTRACK Project’s Taxonomy

The ENTRACK project, a collaborative initiative spanning across Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, is on a mission to comprehensively understand and synthesize the intricate web of social-energy plans, policies, and strategies at various governance levels. Project partners are currently setting the scene on energy plans by creating a robust taxonomy that will serve as a foundation for all future project activities.

The primary goal of the taxonomy is to identify the various laws, strategies, and policies related directly or indirectly to energy. This process involves comprehensive mapping, recognizing the interconnectedness of different policies that may facilitate the effective achievement of a just and fair energy transition in pilot municipalities.

The taxonomy will serve as a roadmap for the development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans in pilot municipalities, ensuring that they remain aligned with the evolving landscape of energy policies. The taxonomy will become a powerful tool in guiding policy makers towards informed decision-making for a sustainable and equitable energy transition.

Additionally, the taxonomy developed through these efforts will play a pivotal role in identifying critical issues and risks in the implementation phase of energy plans. By emphasizing the multi-layer governance structure of energy policies, the taxonomy will highlight the relationships between national and regional plans, such as the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP), National Recovery and Resilience Plans, Urban Mobility Plans and others.

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