ENTRACK Project: Piloting Sustainable Energy Solutions in the Mediterranean

The ENTRACK project is committed to advancing sustainable energy practices by piloting innovative methodologies and capacity-building processes in eight carefully selected rural municipalities across four Mediterranean countries. Each location was chosen for its unique yet complementary status in energy planning, though all share common challenges in their pursuit of sustainable development.

Our Pilot Municipalities

  • Greece: The project engages with the Municipality of Topeiros and the Municipality of Avdira, both situated in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
  • Italy: In the Region of Campania, the municipalities of Vico Equense and Piano di Sorrento are pivotal to our research and implementation.
  • Portugal: The municipalities of Ponte de Sor and Gavião in the Alto Alentejo Region are integral parts of our pilot testing.
  • Spain: Our Spanish initiatives are located in the Catalunya-Pirineus Region.

Project Focus

Each municipality, though operating within a similar rural context, presents a distinct stage in its energy planning journey. This diversity provides a rich basis for our pilot programs, allowing us to test and refine our methodologies in varied settings. Figure 2 on our page offers an overview of each area’s current energy plans and highlights the challenges they face.

By collaborating closely with these municipalities, ENTRACK aims to create replicable models of energy efficiency and sustainability that can be adapted to similar regions worldwide.

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