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Piano di Sorrento

Piano di Sorrento is a coastal town within the Metropolitan City of Naples, known for its picturesque setting between the mountains and the sea. Despite its prime location in a renowned area, Piano di Sorrento faces several significant challenges:

  • Geographical Constraints: The town’s stretched municipal territory is tightly squeezed between mountains and the sea, leaving limited space for the development of business activities and large-scale renewable energy plants.
  • Infrastructure Issues: Poor road infrastructure contributes to heavy daily congestion and significant air pollution, impacting the quality of life for its residents.
  • Energy Planning Limitations: Access to advanced energy planning and management is hindered by an underdeveloped distribution system, complicating efforts to implement sustainable energy solutions.
  • Environmental Risks: The natural sloping configuration of the territory, coupled with the potential rise in sea level, places Piano di Sorrento at a heightened risk of severe weather events, particularly heavy rainfalls that threaten both inland and seaside areas.

In response to these challenges, the ENTRACK project in Piano di Sorrento aims to explore innovative energy solutions tailored to its unique environmental and urban landscape. By leveraging its scenic appeal and addressing its infrastructural and environmental challenges, Piano di Sorrento is poised to enhance its resilience and sustainability.

Here’s an edited version for the Vico Equense page on the ENTRACK project website:

Vico Equense

Vico Equense, another picturesque coastal town in the Metropolitan City of Naples, is celebrated for its stunning views and strategic location. However, like many coastal areas, it faces several significant challenges that impact its development and sustainability:

  • Geographical Constraints: The town is stretched along a narrow strip of land between the mountains and the sea, significantly restricting space for business activities and the installation of large renewable energy plants.
  • Infrastructure Limitations: Poor road infrastructure leads to significant daily traffic congestion and heightened levels of air pollution, detracting from the town’s natural beauty and residents’ health.
  • Energy Management Challenges: An underdeveloped energy distribution system limits the town’s ability to engage in effective energy planning and management, crucial for sustainable development.
  • Environmental Risks: Vico Equense’s sloping terrain and proximity to the sea make it particularly vulnerable to heavy rainfall and potential sea-level rise, posing ongoing risks to its infrastructure and habitats.

As part of the ENTRACK project, Vico Equense is exploring tailored solutions to these issues, focusing on enhancing its infrastructure and developing sustainable energy strategies that fit its unique landscape and urban needs. This initiative aims to leverage the town’s potential while mitigating the risks associated with its geographical and infrastructural challenges.

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