ENTRACK in Greece

Municipality of Avdira

Located in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the Municipality of Avdira is one of the four municipalities within the Xanthi Regional Unit. It was established in 2011 through the merger of three former municipalities: Avdira, Vistonida, and Selero. Genisea serves as the administrative center, while Avdira holds the distinction of being the historical seat.

Spanning 352 square kilometers in the southeastern part of the Xanthi Regional Unit, Avdira borders the Regional Unit of Rodopi. Its geographic expanse includes the shores of Lake Vistonida and the Porto Lagos lagoon, areas known for their rich biodiversity and ecological importance.

As of the 2011 census, Avdira had a population of 19,005 residents. The municipality is organized into 39 communities, grouped into three Municipal Units. This organizational structure supports a diverse community where historical preservation meets modern governance.

In the context of the ENTRACK project, Avdira leverages its historical and natural assets to foster sustainable energy initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship and community-oriented development.

Municipality of Topeiros

The Municipality of Topeiros, nestled in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, covers an extensive area of 312,493 acres. The administrative center of the municipality is Eulalos. Established in 1997 under the Kapodistrias law through the amalgamation of eight former communities, Topeiros retained its structure in the subsequent Kallikratis Program.

Home to a diverse population of 11,544 residents (as of 2011), 60% of whom are Orthodox Christians and 40% Muslims, Topeiros is a vivid example of cultural coexistence. The municipality derives its name from an ancient city known as Topeiros, which thrived in this location. Founded in the first century AD along the historic Egnatia Street, the city reached its zenith in the second century AD and remained a significant presence until its destruction in 812 AD. Today, the ruins of ancient Topeiros can be explored between the modern settlements of Toxotes and Paradisos.

Characterized by its rural landscape and a protected wetland, the Municipality of Topeiros is not only a guardian of rich historical heritage but also a steward of significant natural environments. As part of the ENTRACK project, Topeiros is poised to blend its historical and ecological assets to pioneer sustainable energy solutions that respect both its past and its future.

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