Community of Practice

Why the Community of Practitioners (CoP)?

Mission / Objectives

The primary mission of our Community of Practitioners (CoP) is to enable a sustainable energy transition in rural Mediterranean areas. We emphasize a just approach and participatory policy design, moving away from traditional, centralized methods. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment where practitioners and stakeholders collaboratively explore key levers and necessary conditions for energy transition success.

Specific Aims

1. Leverage Knowledge:

  • From Practitioners to Entrack: Utilize the practical knowledge and insights of our community to enhance the ENTRACK project. While we value the scientific perspectives from our Scientific Committee, the hands-on experiences from practitioners provide a crucial layer of understanding.

2. Mutual Benefits:

  • From ENTRACK to CoP: Share the outcomes and findings of the ENTRACK project with the CoP, ensuring all members are equipped with the latest research and developments.
  • Among Practitioners: Foster a supportive network where practitioners can learn from each other’s experiences and strategies, enhancing each member’s capacity to implement change.

3. Prepare for the Future:

  • Groundwork for Exploitation and Replication: Establish a solid foundation for future applications and the broader adoption of successful practices and policies identified through our collaborative efforts.

Who Should Join the CoP?

The Community of Practitioners is open to all who are interested in and passionate about advancing the energy transition. Our diverse membership includes:

  • Civil Society Members: Individuals and groups from rural areas who are addressing environmental challenges and social issues, such as energy poverty.
  • Local and Regional Government Officials: From rural municipalities to regional and national administrations, we invite those in governance who are tasked with implementing and overseeing energy policies.
  • Experts and Academics: This includes scholars, researchers, and students who are studying or are experts in energy, environmental science, or related fields.
  • Private Sector Representatives: Businesses, their associations, and those engaged in public-private partnerships that are focused on energy solutions.
  • Educators and Advisors: Professionals who educate on or advise about environmental issues, social challenges, and solutions to energy poverty.
  • Participants in Other Projects and Initiatives: Individuals involved in other relevant projects looking to broaden their impact through collaborative efforts.

Generate Shared Knowledge

By bringing together these diverse groups, the CoP aims to generate shared knowledge that spans several critical areas:

  • Environmental: Enhancing understanding and actions to protect and sustain our natural resources.
  • Social: Addressing issues like energy poverty and ensuring equitable access to energy solutions.
  • Rural Development: Focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities in rural regions.
  • Educational: Providing learning opportunities and resources for all members to gain and disseminate knowledge.

Our community thrives on collaboration and the diverse perspectives each member brings. Together, we work towards creating sustainable and inclusive energy policies that are informed by the collective expertise and experiences of our members.

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