1st Municipality-Region Partnership in Catalonia

March 19th, marked a pivotal moment for us at ENTRACK and our Consortium partners Ecoserveis and LeaderRGB. We embarked on an ambitious journey, hosting the first working session in Catalonia dedicated to crafting innovative solutions for the energy transition in Osona and Ripollès. The historic Montesquiu Castle served as a beacon of inspiration, where minds met and ideas flourished.

The session at Montesquiu Castle was not just a meeting of minds but a testament to what can be achieved when communities come together for a common purpose. The energy and commitment displayed by every participant have set a solid foundation for the transformative initiatives we aim to drive in Osona and Ripollès.

We’ve captured the essence of this landmark session in a series of posts across our social networks. Follow our journey, share your thoughts, and join the conversation about a sustainable future.

This session was just the beginning. There’s a long road ahead in our quest for sustainable energy solutions that resonate with the needs of our territories and communities. We invite you to stay engaged, participate in our upcoming sessions, and contribute your insights to this vital discourse.

Let’s shape the future of energy together. #LIFEproject #SustainableEnergy #Ecoserveis

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